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About Mike Raber

         Client Centered

In every sense, Mike Raber is a true gentleman. Mike’s skills and capabilities of leadership, building relationships, and action may be overlooked by those who don’t know him well. Don’t be fooled by his subtle approach of care and concern when you engage with this master, for he has it all under control.

Mike has lived boldly in some extreme situations, which has assisted him in refining his approach to people and success. Some of Mike’s experiences are filled with shocking and learning moments. He’s all too happy to share snippets of his personal and professional journeys – especially learning to optimize Eastern and Western philosophies and practices for better living.

Perhaps even more amazing is how Mike has applied these to building an impressive and strong professional network through his unique relationship building techniques. I think it’s safe to say, “Mike knows people.” He also knows how to make great connections.

Additionally, he offers a bonus of having an insurance background, which can help you effectively secure the business you’ve taken time to birth and grow. You’ll be glad you took time to meet Mike.