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Mike Raber

From over the years of working with people from all different walks of life, Mike has become passionate about empowering people to live a purpose driven life. Mike is building a community of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs working together in a supportive and dynamic environment designed for unlimited growth. Mike strives to help his clients become better versions of themselves both in business and in life, while helping them create balance in the different areas of their life.

As they continue to grow their business and their finances, they will be able to serve their clients at a much deeper level. It's Mikes goal to impact and improve the lives of his clients, while helping them become financially independent.

Mike has over 20 years of experience in helping his clients with their business, real estate and financial needs. He is also bilingual in English and Chinese.

He has written two books, one with his daughter discussing how to raise financial savvy kids. And another designed to help entrepreneurs build a dynamic business posed to serve their clients at a deep level while building long lasting relationships.

Mike is an author, speaker, coach, leader and entrepreneur.

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We believe that being a good advisor means building a long-lasting relationship with you – the client.  We want to be there with you through life’s journey as you make the financial decisions that help you achieve your dreams and goals.

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Our Tactically Managed strategies help protect your hard earned cash. We agree upon clear objectives and risk expectation, monitor your investments and track the progress.

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We offer investment strategies with downside protection for unpredictable markets and have access to over 100 of the top Insurance companies - ensuring we do what's in our client's best interest 100% of the time.

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